Lucy Temple

Lucy Temple’s art seemed destined to be radiant with colour and patterns from her childhood in southern Spain where she was influenced by the warmth and light of the region, as well as the patterns of the local art. Her father, the world renowned icon dealer Sir Richard Temple, and her mother Emma, an interior designer and mural painter, were also an influence on her artistic career.  From an early age, Temple was obsessed with tapestry and creating colour-filled freestyle designs.  After a foundation course in textiles and successful textile-based business ventures, Temple then continued to develop her natural flair for colour, design and pattern with a two year MA at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London.  She studied Islamic design and ancient traditional skills such as Indian miniature painting, calligraphy, ceramic tiles and icon painting.  Since completing her MA, Temple has combined working with her father in his west London gallery with her own painting.  Her work draws on her artistic heritage, talent and training to produce highly detailed paintings in jewel like colours. Taking traditional Islamic patterns as her starting point she spends hours meticulously working on the repeat patterns to create her designs.