Hubert Cecil

Hubert Cecil was born in London and brought up in Kenya until the age of 6, when his parents moved back to England. He attended Eton College and furthered his studies in the shape of a degree in History of Art at the University of Manchester. He has previously had one exhibition of his photographs in London at the Muse Gallery on Portobello Road in November of 2013 and more recently one in Beijing, China.

After leaving school Hubert was employed in the office of fashion photographer Mario Testino. Although he was subsequently offered a full-time place on his staff, he decided to study for a university degree, instead working during his study leaves as an archivist for Testino. Since Hubert completed his degree he has walked across the South of France and begun work as assistant to one of Testino's newly freelance protégés, Alex Bramall.

The study of the History of Art incorporates analysis of what makes an image beautiful. The study of painting formed much of Hubert's university subject matter. He sees light as 'the paintbrush of the photographer'. The canvas of composition and colour are already present in nature. Hubert feels strongly that in order to capture the beauty of the world he needs to understand exactly what constitutes beauty and in this way sees the study of the history of art highly complimentary to his work as a photographer.

Hubert has never altered the contents of any of his images. One of the central tenets of photography is the revelation of truth, since a photo graph literally 'writes light'. If it is altered then the truth is corrupted and, as Oscar Wilde said 'truth is beauty and beauty is truth'. Necessarily both truth and beauty are mutually compromised by the editing process.